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pillows GPP

Individuelle Kissen

Gift problem solved. Customize with a photo, your logo or fun design.
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A fun, unique and useful way to decorate.

Sure, prints look good hanging on the wall. But when they’re on a custom throw pillow, they’re impossible to miss. From your favorite photos to customized text or monograms, we’ll help you put whatever you’d like on a durable, 100% polyester pillow. They’re a great gift idea, perfect party decorations and a can’t-miss addition to any room.

Tips and to-dos

• Think about ordering sets of matching pillows that go together – different first initials, all the letters in a word or even just related photos or images

• Make sure you use high-resolution files – the sharper, the better

• Always preview your design before ordering, so you can view it from all sides

• Only spot or dry clean your pillows – they don’t have zippers and are NOT machine washable

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